Custom Software Development Aimed to Meet Your Business Need and Objectives

Every business comes with a specific set of needs, demands, and objectives for software development. The one size fits all approach may have worked in the past, where companies had no option but to align their business processes with the available software. However, today, companies demand software specific to their needs.

It is in situations like these when custom software development and leading custom software companies in South Africa, such as FABTARY, step into the scene. At FABTARY, we are a team of qualified and certified custom software developers. We possess substantial technical, technological and strategic intellect to build customised software products to help clients achieve their specific objectives and derive optimal value. We provide a range of customised software solutions to companies from various business domains such as healthcare, travel, hospitality, real estate, retail, etc.

Our Custom Software Development Services, Durban

  • Software Consulting

    We deep dive into your business requirements to evaluate, analyse and explore a range of suitable software solutions for your business. Our consulting services include technology consulting, strategic advice, software planning and designing. In other words, we create digital technology roadmaps that aim to provide insightful guidance on the technical and economic feasibility software development.

  • Custom Software Development

    We develop custom software solutions that specifically meet the business needs of our clients. We leverage the latest technologies to integrate features and functionalities that give our clients’ businesses a competitive edge. Our portfolio of custom software development in South Africa includes software for eCommerce, real estate, hospitality, etc. Besides, we integrate IoT, Blockchain, AI, ML, etc., in the software for a better user experience.

  • ERP Software Development

    FABTARY provides scalable and robust ERP software development solutions that help companies reduce operational costs, enhance productivity, and align their business processes. The inclusion of real-time dashboards with automated reporting enables companies to make informed decisions.

  • Software Upgradation and Migration

    Upgrade your existing software, or migrate your legacy systems to an updated software solution through our software upgradation and migration support. Our experts and the organised software upgradation and migration process ensure zero data loss and exposure.

  • Custom Mobile App Development

    We develop scalable, efficient, user-friendly and cost-effective mobile applications on both iOS and Android. Our developers leverage the capabilities of React Native to build result-oriented and value-driven mobile applications.

  • Custom Software Support and Maintenance

    Keep your custom software in top working conditions at all times with our custom software support and maintenance services. Our software support specialists are available on a call at all times to provide prompt and accurate technical support. Additionally, we ensure regular patch updates, efficient bug fixing, timely upgrades and active software management to maintain top-level competency at all times.

Why Choose FABTARY for Custom Software Development, Durban, South Africa

Here are seven reasons that make us the best company to partner with for custom software design and development.

  • A dedicated team of custom software developers

  • Timely project completion and delivery

  • Best custom software development, testing and deployment practices

  • Comprehensive software development support from software development to maintenance

  • Use and integration of the latest tools and technologies for better RoI

  • Decades of cumulative experience in custom software development

  • Result-oriented approach for optimal results and value.