Outrank Your Competitors with the Best SEO Services, Durban, South Africa

Google handles millions of searches every minute! And for those millions of searches per minute, billions of websites rank across various pages of the search results. That's good for the search engine and users. However, you must ask yourself here, where do you stand in the search engine results? Are you leveraging the enormous search volume to drive traffic to your website and tap business prospects?

The question might make many ponder – especially those who haven't optimised their presence for search engines. FABTARY does it for you! We are one of the leading SEO companies in Durban with extensive experience across the SEO space. We optimise your search engine rankings and help you increase your website traffic and leads through the collective power of our SEO strategies, superior and compelling content, and continual improvement.

Our SEO Services in Durban

As one of the leading SEO companies in South Africa, we leave no stone unturned while doing everything that it takes to enhance your search engine rankings and drive users to your website. Our service proposition includes,

  • SEO Strategy

    We understand your business, decipher your target audience's psychology and expectations, and additionally, comprehend your objectives to engineer razor-sharp SEO strategies truly customised to your business. The result is the right SEO process and results that help you outshine your competitors across the search engine cosmos.

  • SEO Analysis

    To know what is to be done against what is to be achieved, we perform an in-depth SEO analysis. Under the SEO analysis umbrella, we cover a wide range of analytical aspects such as technical analysis, ranking analysis, on-page analysis, content analysis, and backlink analysis. These analyses help us get a comprehensive picture of your search engine position and chart a focused and objective-based SEO plan to do what it takes to give you the SEO edge.

  • Technical SEO Services

    Our technical SEO services comprise several essential services that aim to analyse every element of SEO, the value it is creating, and how competent it is. Thus, we provide services such as manual audit, automation audit, analysing site architecture, crawl optimisation, and inspecting the mobile utility and friendliness of the website.

  • SEO Content Services

    We provide SEO content services, Durban, including SEO content writing as per EAT guidelines, content optimisation, performing content gap analysis, and creating content guidelines per SEO needs. Our content writers and strategists ensure that the content is informative, authoritative, user-friendly, readable, and at the same time, consists of popular and relevant SEO keywords.

  • Off-Page SEO Services

    Under off-page SEO, our experts cover content marketing, link building, blog posting, social media marketing, customer reviews, press release submissions, etc. That helps you develop authority elsewhere on the internet and contribute to increased website traffic and leads in the long run.

  • On-Page SEO Services

    We provide on-page SEO services that include creating metatags, internal linking, image optimisation, URL structure optimisation, keyword to URL mapping, keyword research, canonicals and redirects, and others.

  • Web Content Optimisation

    If your website represents you across search engines and the internet otherwise, you must focus on optimising your website content. FABTARY's SEO experts and content writers work closely to revamp the existing content to make it more SEO-friendly by using the relevant and popularly searched keywords and enhancing the quality of content, along with its readability and making language improvements wherever required.

  • SEO Reporting

    Our project managers ensure regular SEO reporting to confirm where you stand within the search engine space and inform you about the progress. To help you get clarity on your search engine standings, we provide keywords ranking report, Google analytics report, click share report, content report and Google Search Console report.

Why Choose FABTARY for SEO Services in Durban?

Here are eight reasons that make us one of the best SEO companies in Durban

  • Extensive experience in SEO for companies from various business domains

  • Flexible SEO pricing models

  • Skilled, qualified and experienced SEO strategists and SEO content creators

  • Regular and comprehensive reporting to keep you informed on the progress

  • Relevant incorporation of the latest SEO trends and algorithm changes

  • Customised and focused SEO strategies

  • A higher focus on sustainable rankings instead of quick and short-lived boosts

  • Enhanced rankings, increased traffic and growth in lead conversions.