Videos have become an essential aspect of the digital marketing and branding endeavours of every company. That’s because, these days, people connect with videos better than any other medium. Intriguing, interactive and immersive videos offer users unforgettable brand experiences with which they resonate.

FABTARY is one of the leading video production companies in Durban with a range of video production services to serve the varying branding needs of companies and the expectations of users. We cover every essential aspect of video production to help our clients leverage the video medium to the fullest and get the best value for investment.

We create various types of videos, including social media videos, YouTube videos, explainer videos, testimonial videos, interview videos, instructional videos, product videos, about videos, etc., based on our client’s needs.

Video Production Services in Durban

Our Video Production Services

Our comprehensive range of video production services makes your video a professional and engaging product.

  • Video Marketing Strategy

    We aren’t just technical experts but strategic specialists with extensive experience across the digital marketing space. As a result, if you need, we devise a user, competition, and product-specific video marketing strategy to broaden brand outreach, enhance user engagement, and create an excellent brand image.

  • Scriptwriting and Editing

    We employ scriptwriters who contemplate and write video scripts to provide the necessary information and convey the right message in an entertaining yet responsible way. Further, our editors refine the writing and improve it.

  • Video Shooting

    We have a team of professionals who shoot videos on location with the help of handheld and single and multiple fixed cameras. We use the latest camera equipment to shoot high-quality videos.

  • Video Production

    We use the latest video production tools and technologies to create 2D and 3D animation videos. We can shoot, edit and produce videos of varying lengths with ease and grace. We also storyboard videos.

  • Video Editing

    Our team of professional video editors examine the video thoroughly. They identify and fix defects such as lighting, shadows, discontinuity, video length, etc., to deliver a refined and professional video production.

  • Voice Overs

    We collaborate with talented voice-over artists with an incredible voice texture, excellent voice modulation skills, and the ability to engage users with their voice over talent.

Our Video Production Technology Stack

Why is FABTARY a Distinct Video Production Company in Durban?

  • Exception and comprehensive video production abilities

  • Hundreds of videos shot, produced and delivered to date

  • Professional video producers, camerapersons, scriptwriters and editors

  • Excellent video scripts and video quality for optimal engagement

  • Use of the latest video production tools and technologies